by Susan Reuben, V.P., HWPOA

Most Holmby Westwood residents know the fascinating history of our community and the painstaking efforts of the Janss Corporation to create a beautiful environment which we’ve all enjoyed over the past 90 years. But, did you know that our parkways (the landscaped space between the street and the sidewalk) on every street in Holmby Westwood were originally planted with a different species of tree in order to create a “visual flow or rhythm” as one drives through the community? This is a typical landscaping component of many well planned, charming and desirable neighborhoods in the United States, Europe and other countries throughout the world where aesthetics are both appreciated and preserved.  The consistency of landscaping along our streets not only enhances the entire community, it also contributes to maintaining our property values by adding to our neighborhood’s character and identity. Our parkway trees are an important component of our proposed Historic Preservation Overlay Zone (HPOZ), and they also provide much needed shade, particularly during our present drought.  (Please remember that all trees require water to survive a drought.)

According to the LA City Department of Urban Forestry, a real estate study determined that uniform tree planting along parkways dramatically increases property values throughout a community;  having at least one tree planted in your parkway will increase the value of your home by 3-7%; but a treeless parkway reduces your property value by the same 3-7%.

Do you know the species of tree planted in the parkways of your  street?  If not, please see the list below.  If you need to replace a tree or if your parkway trees have been removed by a previous owner and you want to plant one or two new trees, please plant the same designated tree in your parkway so the “visual flow or rhythm” on your street remains uninterrupted.  Just as an example, it’s visually unappealing to drive down a street lined with stately tall pine trees, which are abruptly interrupted by two or three palm trees planted in one resident’s parkway.  Residents who maintain the designated tree species on their particular street are very much appreciated by everyone who lives in Holmby Westwood.


(These trees are authorized by LA’s Urban Forestry Division )

— Ficus Nitida on North side; Aleppo Pine on South side

Beverly Glen Blvd.:
— Wilshire to Comstock – Replacement: Victorian Box Tree (Pittosporum Undulatum) ; Present tree: Carrotwood (Original Janss: Carob).
— Comstock to Sunset Blvd. – California Sycamore

Charing Cross:
— Hilgard to Beverly Glen Blvd. – Chinese Evergreen Elm
— Beverly Glen Blvd. to Sunset Blvd. – Replacement tree: Victorian Box Tree (Pittosporum Undulatum); Present tree: Carrotwood (Original Janss: Campania)

Comstock Ave:
— Wilshire Blvd. to Beverly Glen Blvd. East side – California Sycamore; West side – Replacement: African Fern Pine (Podocarpus  Gracilior); (Present tree: Original Janss: Grevillea Robusta)
— Beverly Glen Blvd. to Conway – Magnolia
— Conway to Loring – Aleppo Pine
— Loring to Hilgard – Magnolia

Conway – Magnolia

Dalehurst – Aleppo Pine (Original Janss: Canary Island Pine)

Devon –  Camphor Trees

Edgeley Place – Evergreen Pear (Original Janss: Chinese Elm)

Garwood Place – Evergreen Pear (Original Janss: Chinese Elm)

Hilgard – Magnolia

Hilts – Chinese Evergreen Elm

Holmby Ave. – Replacement : Victorian Box Tree (Pittosporum Undulatum); Present tree: Carrotwood

Le Conte:
— Hilgard to Westholme – Jacaranda
— Westholme to Holmby – Aleppo Pine

Lindbrook  Drive – Aleppo Pine

Lomond: Magnolia

Loring Ave. – Liquidambar (Oriental Sweetgum)

Malcolm Ave. – Evergreen Pear (Original Janss: Magnolia)

Manning Ave. – Purple Leaf Flowering Plum (Original Janss: American Elm)

Norcroft: Aleppo Pine

Selby Ave. – Jacaranda

Strathmore Drive:
Hilgard to Warner Ave. – Liquidambar (OrientalSweetgum)
— Beverly Glen Blvd. to Comstock – Replacement: African Fern Pine  (Podocarpus Gracilior); (Present tree: Original Janss: Grevillea Robusta)

Thayer – Chinese Evergreen Elm

Warner Ave. – Liquidambar (Oriental Sweetgum)

Westholme – London Plane Tree (English Sycamore hybrid)

Weyburn – Camphor Trees

— Bainbridge to Charing Cross – Aleppo Pine
— Wyton Drive to Warner Ave. – Magnolia

Wyton Drive:
— Hilgard to Dalehurst – Replacement: Victorian Box Tree (Pittosporum Undulatum); Present tree: Carrotwood (Original Janss: Carob)
— Dalehurst to Loring – Liquidambar (Oriental Sweetgum)
— Loring to Comstock – Replacement: Victorian Box Tree(Pittosporum Undulatum); Present tree: Carrotwood (Original Janss: Carob

If you have any questions, please call Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association (HWPOA) at 310-470-1785. We’re hopeful that our streets will soon return to the glory envisioned by Harold and Edward Janss almost 90 years ago when they developed our community. The property value of every homeowner is the first priority of each Member of the Board of Directors of HWPOA.