Who We Are

HWPOA stands for the Holmby-Westwood Property Owners’ Association.  Located in the LA City 5th Council District, we serve 1100 homes between UCLA, Sunset Blvd., The LA Country Club, and Wilshire Boulevard.
The area is ideally located for weather and convenience.  Laid out as a master planned community in the 1920s, the community is home to the famous PLAYBOY Mansion, Warner Avenue Elementary School, and Holmby Park.
Our tranquil environment lies in the midst of a vibrant urban setting.  The Wilshire corridor links us east and west to the larger city.  Westwood Village, adjacent to us, offers a picturesque shopping, commercial, and entertainment venue with a mix of 1920 and modern low rise architecture.
It’s easy to get here via mass transit from around the Southland. Besides the frequent Flyaway buses from LAX to Westwood Village, busses from LA County Metro Transit, the Big Blue Bus, and Culver City bus systems all come here. Westwood Village will be a stop on the proposed Subway to the Sea, which promises to extend the existing Purple Line from downtown via Century City to Westwood and beyond.